NAS Surrey Branch Newsletters and Calendar

We publish a newsletter every two months which you can receive by email by becoming a member of the branch (free of charge).


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Every issue includes:

  • A calendar of all our meetings – on Zoom and in-person around Surrey
  • Details of upcoming talks, webinars and seminars
  • Information about family activities
  • News and information, including details of consultations
  • Information specifically for autistic adults and people who know them
  • Requests for participation in research projects


About Us

We are a local Branch of the National Autistic Society which works for autistic people and runs services such as schools, clubs and adult centres. It has over 20,000 members, over 100 local branches and works in partnership with more than 50 local autism societies.


The NAS exists to transform lives by being a trusted source of support and practical advice for autistic people and their families at key stages in life and change attitudes by working with businesses, policymakers, autism professionals and the public to reduce isolation and open up opportunities in society as a whole.


National Autistic Society, 393 City Rd, London EC1V 1NG Registered charity, number 269425.  Company limited by guarantee number 1205298.


The National Autistic Society is a registered charity, number 269425 – this is also the charity number for the branch. The NAS is a company limited by guarantee: number 1205298.

The views expressed in Surrey News are not necessarily those of the National Autistic Society, and reference to any specific services or approaches to autism does not imply endorsement. 


All material is copyright NAS Surrey Branch and cannot be reproduced without permission.


In this issue:

  • Children’s Christmas Party 4th December
  • Preparing for Adulthood Event in Weybridge
  • Concert in Aid of NAS Surrey Branch in Bramley
  • Family Voice AGM In-person and Online School Transition Event
  • Expanding Our Local Support Groups
  • Talk on SLT and OT for autistic children
  • Research participation requests

Information for Adults, Young People and their families:

  • Wellbeing Project for Adult Siblings
  • Surrey Voices Podcast
  • Advocacy Services in Surrey
  • Online Group for parents of autistic adults

NAS Surrey News August – September 2022

In this issue….

See p6 – 7 for our calendar of online and in-person meetings for parents of autistic children, plus groups for parent/carers of autistic adults, girls and those with PDA, plus partners of autistic people.

  • All-Age Autism Strategy Update – p3
  • Congratulations to Treasurer, Haywood Drake – p3
  • Branch talk on the autism experience, gender and sexuality – p4
  • Family Voice Surrey five-day event & in-person AGM – p5
  • Post-16 education online webinar by IPSEA – p8
  • Draft Mental Health Bill and autism – p9
  • Research requests – p10

 Information for Adults, Young People and their families:

  • Course for parents and partners of autistic adults – p 11
  • Health and Wellbeing Champion training for autistic adults – p11
  • ‘Sport in Mind’ activities – p11
  • Vocational work taster days – p12

Please note: Some of the articles in the front of the newsletter include information for young people and adults.

NAS Surrey News April – May 2022

See p8 – 9 for our calendar of online and in-person meetings for parents of children, plus groups for parent/carers of autistic adults, girls and those with PDA, plus partners of autistic people.

  • URGENT: New Chair Needed for NAS Surrey Branch – p3
  • Talk on advocacy and autistic parenting – p4
  • Social events and weekday activities for Autistic Girls – p4
  • Talk by Tony Attwood – p5
  • NAS ‘Stepping Up for Autism’courses – p5
  • Science Museum events forchildren with SEND – p7
  • Meeting Report – SchoolAvoidance – p11
  • List of summer schemes andclubs – p16Information for Adults, Young People and their families:
  • Coaching company for autistic people – p13
  • NAS Online Branches for Autistic People – p14
  • Programme for autistic job- seekers – p14
  • ‘Shared Lives’ support – p15
  • Supported EmploymentConsultancy – p15